Morning dose of inspiration

Sometimes I even need it.  I was wiped yesterday after the fun of the first day of school and then errands after work.  Me and my boys didn’t get home until 6:15 I think.  So my swing workout was out of the question.  Hubby went and got our favorite pizza for dinner so that was great.  Mine is the gluten free crust with fresh mushrooms and sausage on it.  I only eat 1/2 of it and save the rest for lunch today.   I printed out and put a bunch of new sayings into my journal and here are most of the new ones from today (I found them on pinterest).  The plan today is to get my swing workout in and do some yoga stretches plus try and calm the chaos in my house.  Wish me luck, cause I’m going to need it. 







Finally, I found a great compact list of good foods divided up into categories.   I don’t think it’s an exhaustive or perfect list but great to have on hand when you are at a loss for what to eat.

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