Recap of my weekend!

Saturday morning I took advantage of the cooler temps and no children for one more day and headed to my Mother-In-Law’s neighborhood pool.  My initial plan was to swim laps for 30-45 min and then go home and head up to my parents house to see my boys.  After 10 laps (one lap is 25 meters), I was pleased and decided to keep going to 20.  After 20 laps, I decided to see if I could get to 30.  Then I noticed I had already been in the pool for 40 min.  I figured, why not see how many more laps I can do towards 40.  I finally gave up after 34.  So 850 meters of active swimming and another 150 meters of cool down.  I was in the pool for an hour and I loved it.  So here is me, my stuff and my pretty view in the pool.  The weather was perfect, overcast and in the 70’s.


So then my next adventure (after being tackled by my boys) was to go on another bike ride.  This is my 3rd ride and the second week in a row.  I can’t make it up there this weekend but might in 2 weeks.  I will see how are schedule is doing.  It was hot but not horrible (lower 90’s).  We had a bigger group for the 20 mile ride including a couple new people.  Unfortunately one of the new ladies hit my rear tire and crashed.  She is ok but has some bad road rash.   She was a trooper and actually finished the ride but was seriously ready to be done.  I’m doing better with my gear choices and only popped my chain off once, of course it was on a big hill but whatever.  I could tell in general I am getting stronger.  That is an awesome feeling.  We headed on Stewart again and my only goal was to not have to stop like I did last time.  Well, I made it the entire way without stopping and made some good gear choices to get me there.  I was very happy.  We finished the route (same one as last week) 15 min faster than the week before.  Very cool and I’m proud of myself.

No pictures of me this week, just my bike computer.  Another win is that after 1 1/2 months of cycling I have lost a 1/2 inch off each calf.  That brings my total gone to 18 inches.  I’m thrilled because that is one part of my body that hasn’t changed at all during this time.  So now I am literally changing from head to toe 🙂  My cycling shorts feel a little looser so I am curious to see if my thigh measurements have changed again but I’m not checking until Thursday.


The plan this week is to swing my bell today (didn’t get to it on Friday or Saturday, I was way too tired), Run on Wednesday or Thursday, zumba on Thursday and kettlebells on Friday.    I will fit a run or a family bike ride in this weekend sometime.  I do know that I have to get to kettlebell workouts in this week since I have slowed down with that.

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