Why do I keep doing races?

I have been asked, so “why do you keep doing 5k’s?”  Essentially asking since I’ve been there and done that, I should move on and find something new to do.  Well here is the answer to that question.  I stumbled upon this picture on pinterest and it pretty much says why I do this (once I figured it out) 😀

I did feel like I floundered mentally in the spring.  So I proved I can run a 5k (mostly) and I did 4 of them.  So now what????  Well I figured it out – it’s not about anyone else on the course, it’s all about beating the voice in my head that says I can’t.  This is the voice I battle constantly when I run, it’s the one that says I need a walk break or I can’t do this.  I love this picture and saying so much I printed it out twice and have it in my Marylin journal in two different places.

I’m busy making my list of everything I need for this weekend.  It’s pretty jam packed.  I’m heading up Friday to watch my oldest son’s performance from Music Camp and then I’m headed to a friends house where I will spend the night.  Me and my friend will take off early Saturday morning to go run the Hot Biscuit Run in the Mountains of North Georgia.  Once I chill out for a little bit then I will go back to my parents house where on Sunday I am headed out with a group to do a 20 mile bike ride.  It’s my first group ride and I’m excited and nervous.  I’m just afraid I will forget something that I need.  So I’m making a list.  One for the bike, one for running and everything else. I’ve told you I’m an engineer.  I can’t seem to do anything with out  a list.  😀

I made it to zumba last night and had a great time.  My back is sore from my new (and harder) kettlebell workout so it made zumba a little tough.  I am debating whether to run or not since I don’t need to be sore for the 5k.  I am going to zumba tomorrow (because I can).  I will see how I feel when I get home tonight.

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