Here are the promised recipes for my food this week.


It really is that simple and yes you use beer.  The chicken comes out flavorful and moist.  You can eat it plain or mixed into something.  I then just shredded up the chicken and made my chicken salad. Just use your favorite recipe or search around and try some new recipes.

Here is where I got the jar idea:

Just make sure all wet stuff is on the bottom and your lettuce, spinach or whatever greens you want are on top.  I then dump it out on to my plate and enjoy.

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bars:

I think they are great but would also taste good with some chocolate 😀

Hard cooked eggs:

Alton Brown (who my husband practically worships) has a wonderful description in one of his books on how to do this.  Well this blog does it equally as well with pictures and links to the book.  It was easy and yes they are good.  I’ve always been scared to boil them myself, pretty much I’m sure I would screw it up and they would be grainy or something like that.  This was super easy and you can’t screw it up.


There you go, enjoy!!!


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