Another kettlebell workout is DONE!

Just finished my workout and I think I am ready to move on to the next workout.  😀  This was my 3rd repeat of OTM #2 with my 20 lb bell and each time little things were better, easier etc.  The first time, I just wanted to finish it.  The second time, I finished the whole workout but felt like I just barely did it.  Finally, third time’s the charm.  I finished it and rocked it.  My back did not get tired until the final set and I max’d out all the sets and reps relatively easily.  So onto the next one.  I will tackle that workout on Monday I think.

I hope to get to zumba in the morning if I can get my neighbor to watch the boys so my hubby can continue working on my van.  Seriously not complaining that he is taking care of my timing belt, water pump and whatever else he has on the list to do to it.  Just hope I can work it out.  I need my weekly booty shakin.

One other thing, I starting to see improvement on my fatigue, sleeping and overall energy levels.  This is all thanks to my nutritionist and chiropractor.  I’m just happy to see baby step improvements.  That has me optimistic that I can get a new PR at the Hot Biscuit 5k next Sunday.

One response to “Another kettlebell workout is DONE!

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