Thrilled with today’s run

I know I won’t be able to say that all the time, but today I am.  I headed out before it got too hot.  It was 75 F when I left to drive over to the lake I run around.  I really enjoy running outside.  The main reason is it’s not boring, the second reason is I don’t clock watch the entire time like I do on the treadmill.  I know exactly where I’m going and know every twist, turn and hill by heart now.  It makes for a more enjoyable time even if I still don’t LOVE running and use it as a means to get what I want – healthy and fit.  I’m hoping I eventually get to where I can say I love it or mostly enjoy it.  I enjoy the worn out feeling afterwards and my weight loss progress.

What made this a really nice run was the people you run into along the way.  Peachtree City is very fitness oriented.  There is a running club, biking club, triathlon club and who knows what else.  You see all kinds of people running, walking, or biking at any given moment on the golf cart paths.  It makes you feel good when people cheer you on, say “good job” and compliment your crazy rainbow socks.  😀  Then throw in the fact that I ran my 5k route about 1 1/2 minutes faster than I did the last time and beat my 5k PR time by 4 seconds.  I haven’t seen progress in my time since February.  It’s a double win today.  When I got back to my fence and tree, they are my markers for when I start running, I was super pleased with myself and I think I said “Well hot damn, I beat my time!”  I also have determined that I will do kettlebell workouts the day after I run and not the day before.  It’s making my back and legs too sore and tired and then that negatively affects my run the following day.  I skipped my kettlebell workout last night and I will do it tomorrow instead.  My hips and legs were tired during my run but did not stop me from running like they have earlier this week.

I’m officially not going outside anymore this weekend and will spend the rest of my weekend and some of next week cleaning out closets and working on my boys play room.

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