Kettlebell Question

I’ve had a few people (that I know in real life) ask me what workout am I doing with my kettlebell.  So here you go.

I have read and I’m following Tracy’s book.  It’s really well written in regards to how to do the swing, including pictures and all the workouts.  Right now I am doing one move, the basic swing.

This is an ok picture of it but I don’t like how she has her hips.  Here is Tracy with how I do it.

So her book has each of her workouts that you slowly progress through once you can do all the reps, sets and not feel like you are dying.  I’m going to repeat workout 2 on Friday and then see if I am ready to move on to #3.  Here is a website I just found talking about her book and using the kettlebells to loose weight like she has.

I’m saying if you want to try kettlebells and don’t have a class you can take – go get this book and give it a swing 😀

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