Got my week planned out and a few updates :D

Went to see my nutritionist this morning.  Everything is going well  and I just have a couple tweaks to my supplement schedule.  I’m starting to feel a slight improvement on my fatigue.  She was also right that less is more.  I wouldn’t have believed her if she told me to do it.  I by accident took 1.5 weeks off from running right before I went on a vacation.  Then when I did go out for a run, I was worn out but my legs didn’t feel like lead weights and I enjoyed it.  Less exercise is actually helping.  I have backed off a little.  I was running 3 x’s a week, zumba once a week, throw in a bike ride too, and pushups/tricep dips every other day.  With all of that, some days it was all I could do to get the boys fed and in bed before I collapsed.

So now here is what my general schedule is:

Run 2 x’s a week
Kettlebell 2 x’s a week
Zumba once a week if I can
Yoga once a week if I can get to a class
Bike once a week if I can.
Swim whenever I can.

I’m a little looser on getting it all in and I’ve actually noticed an improvement on my fatigue and I’m running a little better.  The kettlebells will give me double duty since it’s cardio and strength.  So I will still be building muscle and endurance.

Next . ..

Finally got around to getting my second kettlebell workout in for last week.  Finished it last night after I got my boys to bed.  I was pleased with my form and I could tell I was working hard.  Here is the BUT . . . I finished all the sets at the maximum reps with my current 15 lb bell.  So I ordered me a 20 lb bell this morning.  So YAY!!! for Amazon Prime, that sucker will be here using my 2 day free shipping on Wednesday.  I will report back to how much that kicks my butt then.

Finally . . .

My general schedule for the week.

Monday: off

Tuesday: Run on the treadmill

Wednesday: Kettlebell with my heavier bell and repeat the workout I just did.  If I am dying I will back up and start the previous workout.

Thursday: Zumba, Yoga (maybe)

Friday, Saturday or Sunday: Kettlebell workout

Saturday or Sunday: Run outside around the lake.


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