Happy Father’s Day!

My boys had a great time wrapping and giving their gifts this morning.  The boys helped make waffles, which is one of their favorite things to do with their daddy.  Once we got everyone feed, we headed out for a bike ride and a run.  The boys took off and followed the 10K route around part of the lake.  I took off down by the lake that is my normal 3.6 mile route.  I wore my new running dress with my UA compression shorts and my rainbow socks.

It warmed up pretty quickly but it still was a tolerable temperature when we left at around 11 am.  I’ve been reading the Chi Running, I’m not done yet but I decided to try a few of the techniques.  The main ones I was trying to do were keep my ankles relaxed and pick them up instead of pushing off with your toes like you normally run, leaning slightly while keeping my core straight, and breathing through my nose more.   It was a nice change of pace to focus on some new techniques instead of how much longer i have to go or not wanting to be here.  I’ve actually backed off on how often I’m running since I’ve been so tired.  So I think that has helped me instead of hurt.  It’s giving my body more time to recover and then I’m not feeling quite as tired.  I’m still tired of course but maybe it’s a a slight improvement over where I  have been.

I had periods during the run where I could tell it was a little easier for a brief moment.  Then of course I was having to re-correct my form but this may work.  Since I’ve been easing up a bit, I didn’t have the lead weight feelings in my legs like I’ve been struggling with.  So overall it was a good quality run and I got the entire workout done in 53 minutes and ran for a total of 43 minutes.  I’m super pleased that I don’t feel like crap when I run and I may improve my technique.  Now I’m off to clean up the house and I need to get a kettlebell workout in that I keep putting off (for no reason just haven’t made the time).

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