So I started PN, What happened next?

In June of 2016 is when I officially started Precision Nutrition (PN).  Each day you get lessons, habits that you are to complete.  Some of these are simple, others dive deep emotions, how you eat, what you eat, etc. you get the idea.  These first few months even, I thought these lessons and habits are too easy, I’ve done harder than this, I don’t know how this is going to help me etc.  What PN teaches you is that you can’t change anything quickly and you have to start making small changes.  These habits are small changes that over time build up into big changes.  I have a good base of nutritional knowledge and what I need to do for me, so at first I didn’t know how much I would get out of this program.  Nothing remarkable happened right away, but those little changes, I saw positive impact.  I was surprised because this was not rocket science, just simple changes or habits that you are to do each and every day.  Nothing is off limits and there are no “good or bad foods”, you are just encouraged to pick the best choice from what you have.  
Your success is measured not just by the scale, but also by measurements and pictures.  You do not do a daily or weekly weight in.  You only come check your progress once every 2 weeks.  Then you are back to the lessons and habits.  You take pictures, lots of pictures.  Pictures are a fantastic way to show improvements that can not be quantified by the scale or a measuring tape.  


 I have for the last 6 years been much better at loosing inches than I am at loosing pounds.  This has continued to be true, not like I expected it to be different.  For a long while during this 1 year adventure, I did not loose any weight but started seeing inches drop from my frame.  I love watching the graphs that PN puts together showing your progress.  After I quit my job in October, I saw a drop in inches and pounds (stress or the lack of it will do that).  Then in November of 2016 I started being much more consistent with my weight training and I’m saw much more consistent inches lost as a result of it.  


Here I am a 10 months later and I’m a leaner, meaner (not really), fitter me.  I’ve really learned a lot about myself, what triggers that I have for emotional eating and some tools for dealing with it.  PN calls it noticing and naming what you are experiencing.  You may still go eat the 3 Reese’s Peanut butter eggs but you recognized what you were doing and why.  This is not a quick fix, this is long term program that you can take with you everywhere.  It teaches you tools to keep going beyond the 1 year  that you can do this.  I can not believe that I stand here having lost 18 inches from head to toe.  Again this is not a quick fix program, all the good ones aren’t either, weight loss and getting fit and healthy takes time and commitment.  I have really enjoyed this journey, it has helped me to be a better, healthier, and fitter person with tools to keep me moving forward from now on.

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