Life Happens Sometimes!

On Monday, I had tweaked and updated my training schedule.  Was very happy with it and it felt doable.  I had a great strength training workout and had plans to get my butt to the pool (see previous post).  Then Monday afternoon my big boy comes home saying he didn’t feel good.  Based on what he was saying that hurt, I figured he had a sinus infection.  By Tuesday morning he was running a low grade fever and said he head hurt.  

I got him an appointment for later in the day at our favorite ENT’s office. I ran out at lunch for an errand and meet some friends, while I was out I got a phone call that he was throwing up and felt terrible.  It was all downhill from there.  

I have never seen my boy like this.  I knew that any plans I had for the next several days were now cancelled.   I insisted that he get tested for the flu, he didn’t have any of the classic symptoms but he went downhill so fast that I had a hunch.  Our doc didn’t think it was the flu but was fine in testing him.  He called me with the results and apologized for being wrong.  He isn’t wrong, i agreed that he didn’t have the normal flu symptoms and just that something told me to have him tested.  He said, that mom’s intuition is right a lot of the time.  

So for the last 2 days, I have been mom the care giver making sure that he is ok.  That has been my only job (along with keeping the other boy alive and the dog).  

He got this cool setup with a big air mattress in my den with everything I need and he needs to keep him comfortable.  After starting Tamiflu last night,  we have turned the corner.  

Now it’s time for me – headed to get my workout in.  Hitting the treadmill and weights with my friend Jessica.  I match from head to toe!  LOL

Life happens, it’s ok.  It doesn’t matter what workouts I missed, what is important is that my boy is improving.  I didn’t have the energy to do them anyway with me being up with him half the night the first night and sleeping on the couch last night.  I finally feel more awake and more energy so it’s time to have some mom time.  He will be sleeping anyway.  

I’m super happy with this run.  5 min warm-up then I ran for 30 minutes straight with the treadmill at a constant speed.  It felt almost easy.  Before long I was over half way done.  By no means is running easy for me but this felt better than my running has in a long time.  I stayed in the low 11’s and high 10 min/mile pace.  Heart rate stayed well in my zone 2 for most of the run and then started creeping up.  

So its ok to be mom and take care of things and it’s ok once you can escape to take some time for you!

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