Being Sick just Sucks

It’s been over 2 years since I have been sick with a cold, sinus infection or whatever.  It was right before I ran in the Soldier’s Half Marathon.  That one got me 2 weeks before my race and I really didn’t get over it before I ran.  Then I got sick again in December that year and just felt terrible.

This one hit me by surprise, I had a stuffy nose over the weekend but by Tuesday the cough has started.  Wednesday I couldn’t believe how much sinus pressure I had.  I woke up Thursday feeling run over by a truck and I had an elephant sitting on my face.

Agnes has been taking care of me, which can also include a nose to the face when she wants to go outside.

I am so surprised at how much junk can come out of one small nose.  I’m on my third box of tissues and if that keeps up, I will go through that today.  Crazy what the body will do.

So I’ve been good, trying to drink fluids, resting a lot and not doing much at all since Wednesday last week.  Yesterday I finally started doing some things around my house like laundry (fun I know), picking up and a few small projects.  Nothing crazy but some things like putting shelf liner down for the cabinet above the microwave to hide the jacked up hole the previous owner cut to put the cord.  My great hubby cleaned up the bad wiring and put a proper hole so we wanted to make it look pretty.  Put down a nice cork shelf liner and then put all the water bottles that I have exploding all over my house.

This one was fun, yes I know I have a twisted sense of fun.  My husband bought this shelf system to put in our cabinet to better organize the medicines, dog stuff and all the bug spray and sunscreens that we collect.  Before we would shove them into this skinny cabinet and then you had to dig to find what you want.  So I pulled this out and installed it.  It’s two baskets that pull out that is the perfect size for our small cabinet.  I also cleaned out the empty or old sunscreens.  Woohoo!!  It’s the little things.  I have been working hard at cleaning out and organizing my house.  I’m up to about 50 bags of stuff leaving my house since November.  Some is trash, I donate a lot of stuff, give away to friends or I sell what I can.  Plan is to continue cleaning out this house like we are moving, even though we are not planning on going anywhere.

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