Strength Training

Something I started in December – get more strength training.  Stronger muscles equals leaner me, faster me, and less chances for injury.  Now I’m not super consistent but that is a goal that I am working on.

I joined up with my MRTT mama’s to have a challenge over the holidays.  Do 9 strength training workouts and do banded leg exercises each day.  It was tough just because you can’t forget or get behind.  You can make them up, but it gets harder the more days you miss.

One day I needed to get a run and strength training done in the same day.  So I made up a workout.  I got on my treadmill and ran for 5 mins at a steady pace, then hopped off and did a round of strength and then repeat.  I did it a total of 3 run intervals and 3 strength rounds.  It kicked my butt but in a very good way.

Some days you have to be creative on how to get your workouts in and stay on plan.

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