Running – if you first don’t succeed, try, try again

Set out on my run Sunday morning, just hoping to not feel defeated after we finished.  I set out with one of my favorite running buddies with no expectations.  We just set out to run.

So the route we took had us running over a good hill in the first 1.5 miles.  It’s steep but then you get a 1 mile downhill as your reward.  As we trucked on, I just kept going and before I knew it, we were close to the top.  I had to talk myself out of walking multiple times but when we made it to the top I was happy.  Happy that I did something I have done multiple times but let myself talk me out of it because I was “tired”, “couldn’t do it” or whatever excuse I could come up with.  This next picture pretty much sums up how I felt when I got to the top.

Now this was not me on Sunday, it was 40 with a wind chill in the 30’s so I had on several layers.


I may have walked more than I wanted it after we made it over the hill, but at that point it didn’t matter.  I did something that helped my running mojo.


So the moral of the story, just go run!!! It will be good for you.  I’m getting more strength training in and working on a more regular running schedule.


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