Running just sucks

Beginning about at the start of school my running has been feeling crappy and then started to get inconsistent.  I trained well for my 2 day bike ride and felt good for that but did not enjoy (not that I really do) running.  As the nights are getting colder and it’s darker, I am not as willing or able to run during my boys soccer practice which is when I usually do during the week.

I am meeting friends in the mornings now to walk and take our dog Agnes out to get her more socialized.  But I don’t manage to take time for me and actually get a good run in which I need.

So I ripped the band aid off and before my walk with my friend, I decided to go run.  I wanted to get a 30 min steady run before I walked but I was late.  So I ran for 20 min.  It’s better than nothing and it helps to get me back into the routine.  That’s what matters, not how long I ran, not how hard or fast I ran, just that I got outside and ran.

After it was all done, I moved my body for 5 miles and over 1.5 hours.  I am happy with that and will keep it up.  The weather was beautiful.



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