OMG!! I am SORE!!!

Just from my mid back all the way down to my calves, only on the back side.  KB’s will get you every time.  I felt “ok” yesterday and was getting more sore as the day went on.  Went for a 3 mile run last night and HOLY COW that was tough.  By the time I went to bed, I hurt every time I moved.  hahaha

0d4db97b01592818da9f5190704cd88c 3d6f2324d94d0156f3612118b0551c81 cbaac4a47b57e324754ee176e867da46These just made me laugh!!! cause it’s so true!!  I was sore before I had a run planned.


Ok, Trim Healthy Mama update!!!  I’ve been loosely following (some weeks better than others) the plan for 1.5 months.  Finally I feel like I am making some progress.  I inched up in weight this summer (no real cause, not sure why) and wasn’t having luck getting it off.  So started THM and now I’m officially down 6.8 from my highest this summer!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  won’t be a true victory until I get below my next goal (my lowest weight since starting all this almost 2 yrs ago) and keep loosing but it’s almost within reach.   I’ve also had several people this week tell me I look smaller.  So even though not much has changed, my body is looking better.  🙂  I will take it!!!

Finally . . .


I get to go watch, cheer, be paparazzi for my running friends at the Allstate 13.1 on Sunday.  It may be raining but it will be fun.  I got a new cycling jacket that is water resistant so I’m going to wear/take that with me, my hat and extra clothes and shoes to keep in the van.  I love going and cheering them on and I will get to see them 3 different times.  There is a perfect spot I can be.

Fullscreen capture 1012013 14324 PM.bmpI’m super excited!!!

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