Had a good run last night!

I wasn’t sure how it would go, my hamstring was poking at me off and on during the day.  We had the largest group to date show up.  I was 2 min late and missed the group photo but here they are.   21 total plus kids.  That’s crazy awesome!!!


I set out and ended up by myself (yeah crazy with that many ladies) but then the main group turned off to get another add on loop.  I saw there was two ladies not far behind me but I was running down hill and didn’t want to run up a hill to meet up with them yet.  I found a good spot and looped around to meet them.  We stayed together and the bigger group (also faster) caught up with us.  I just kept going at a constant pace for the most part.  Hamstring was poking but not painful, just a little tight.  Hip felt fine overall.  I wanted to do the entire 3 mile route but as I got to that turn, I decided that my leg wasn’t happy enough to do that especially with the hill I knew i had to climb.  So I headed back and got 2.5 miles done and the most consistent pace I’ve done in a long time.  Woohoo!!! I like the other view on my Garmin Connect that shows you the elevation (in much better detail) with your pace over the top but I need to get software updated on my work computer.  I started slowing to a 13 min pace after 1.5 miles because that’s where we start climbing up a slow long hill.  Very happy with how I did last night.

tuesday 4_23 run

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