Color Run recap!

So I did the Color Run last year and got completely color bombed from head to toe.  I half expected that to happen this time (but it didn’t).  But my whole goal was for my big boy to have lots of fun running this race with his mommy.  Goal Achieved!!!!!

Got up at 6 am to start getting ready.  I pulled my boy out of bed around 6:30.  We left the house just before 7 am.  Actually witnessed a high speed police chase in Peachtree City.  They drove around us and I am just so grateful that the idiot didn’t hit us.  The story was on the news this morning, almost a little too much drama that morning.

Here we are trying to stay warm in the car before the race.  It was a little chilly but warmed up really nice during the race.


After walking around a little bit we met up with my friends that had our numbers and race packets.  Then headed off for one more potty stop and to get in line for the start.

555693_10200620708867424_1261590069_n 528311_10200620707787397_568797332_n 27145_10200620709267434_969974868_n

After waiting somewhere around 20 min to get to the start, we were off.  Me and the boy stayed together  and slowly made our way along the route.  Sometimes we had to work a little too hard to get color thrown on us.  I think that was partially why we weren’t covered.  We just had fun overall.

563812_10200620714267559_689446779_n 625505_10200620714667569_2043574136_n 579701_10200620713827548_1133288111_n 558879_10200620715067579_188335904_n

This is my favorite pic of the race.  I love my boy and very proud of him 🙂65347_10200620715307585_625342001_n

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