Winter Runnerland race recap

On Saturday I had the Winter Runnerland 10k with my wonderful running group.   I got there at 7 am to help with some set up.  I ended up fixing a table, good thing my hubby has me keep tools in my van.  lol  Then I taped up a friend’s shin with KT Tape in hopes that her troublesome shin splints would stay away.  We grouped up for pics and then we headed to the bathrooms.  Now what we should have done is stay for the start pics and then go potty, but we did it backwards.  Whoops!!  We came back up and started the 10k, there was 3 of us and two more followed shortly behind us.  It was windy and felt colder than the actual temperature.   I had my leg all taped up and we took off.  It felt pretty good for the the entire run.  I took a quick walk break at mile 2 and then a stretch break/walk just before mile 3.   The spike was as I stopped at  a stone wall to stretch.  winter runnerland 10k

This was not a record of any kind, but I just wanted to go out and have a good run.  🙂 I think I accomplished that.  Plus I got to do it with a good friend.  You also saw the heel click picture sequence.  Here is the story behind all that.  Pam (who created MRTT) does these all the time at races and will even warn the photographer that she is going to do this and to be ready for it.  So I decided I needed to do a heel click at the end of my 10k.  Pam has an awesome camera and got the shot (several) and it’s fun to click through them.   So here it is again.  I just love it!!!  Now I need to work on my facial expressions.  She does them much prettier but I did get good height 🙂

Heel Click

On to other stuff from this week:

Sunday I got to escape (my boys went to play at my neighbor’s house) and I went out for a  bike ride.  I got over 13 miles in just over an hour.  I also did the first 9 miles pretty much non-stop (minus crossing one road and stopping at a tunnel waiting for a golf cart to come through) which is how far I need to go for my tri in May.

Monday I met a friend for a swim workout during my lunch break.

Brooke's first swim workout

I got her way out of her comfort zone (and I’m proud of her) and we got a 30 min swim workout in.  Figured out the facility and a few things we would change but happy no matter what.

Tuesday I headed out for an easy 3 mile run with a good group of ladies.  There was 6 of us.  It started out raining on us so we were a little soggy but then it stopped.   I decided not to tape my piriformis and only tape my hamstrings.  For the first 1.6 miles that was fine.  I took a short walk break and then my hip/hamstring just got super tight and then later wouldn’t let me run.  So I was super consistent and felt good for more than the first 1/2 but after I started running again after my walk break, my whole right side just kept getting tighter.  I ran a short section before I just had to give it up and walk the rest of the way back to the car.  A little frustrating.

soggy 3 mile run

I’ve been resting and stretching since my run on Tuesday and feel ok.  I’ve got the Cupid’s Chase 5k Saturday morning with no expectations.  I will just go and be dressed be in a cute sparkle red skirt, socks and heart head band plus a light up sparkle heart necklace.  Plus my boy(s) will be there.  If my hubby is not too sick (sinus infection) he will be there too walking the 1 mile fun run with the boys.  If not, then my big boy will run/walk the 5k with me and he will love it.

Plan for Sunday: 13-14 mile bike ride.  Should be nice weather, maybe a little chilly, and it will get a friend on her bike.

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