Whoops, sorry I posted about triathlon training and then disappeared.


Last Saturday morning was the kick off for my Tri group.   Here is all of us.  you can see me in the yellow right in the middle.  My First Tri - training kick off

And here is a smaller group of us, most of us in this picture ride together on Sundays (when I can get up there).

Tri group - smaller all friends

Yes it was cold, somewhere around 34 degrees F.  I layered up.  Two shirts, UA shorts then tights, compression sleeves on my calves, my rainbow socks, gloves and my head covered with my buff.  We started out with a warm-up.  Three laps for runners, two for walkers around this oval path that circled a football field.   That equaled a mile for the runners.  Once done I actually warmed up a bunch so I took one layer off my top (the shirt I had on under my yellow one) and felt much better.  Then we did a fitness test.  See how long it takes you to run or walk (or combination of ) a mile.  This time we followed a path it wasn’t flat but there wasn’t horrible hills either.  The coaches started us off and away we went.  There is all levels of fitness in this group.  There was guys and girls that ran the mile in 6-7 min, then a bunch of us right in the middle and finally some walkers.  I felt ok, my hamstring on my right leg is still tight and frustrating me but I had it taped up along with my butt.  I did try to push it a little since it’s just a mile and I know I can run that.  When you know it’s just a mile, you can push yourself more than when it’s a longer distance and you need to save some energy.  Here is what I did and I was pleased.  I ran a sub 11 min mile (just barely but it’s there) 🙂

one mile fitness test

I sped up after I came over a small hill and then slowed some as I came back around to the “finish”.  But overall that run felt pretty good.  They will use our times to group us into similar paces and then give us workouts.   Then several of us went for another mile run – so total of 3 miles that day.  Starting out my hip flexor was mad for stopping and then starting again but I just took it slow and finished the same loop in 14 min or so.  I then talked with one of our coaches about how much biking and types of workouts since I want to get started on all three sports for my tri.  He told me to get 150 miles on my bike and then he would give me workouts.  I said OK!!  Then I emailed another coach (kind of strange saying she is a coach when we went to high school together lol) and she gave me some swim workouts to start with. I am going to get in the pool once a week at least.  🙂

Second – 4 mile run Tuesday night

So 5 of us showed up Tuesday night to run 3-4 miles.  I was hoping my hip & hamstring would behave.  During the first 2 miles I actually felt pretty good and my pace shows it.  Nice and steady (there were some small hills so this wasn’t flat).  But once we got past the 3 mile mark I started slowing and at one point I did notice my stride felt off.  Towards the end at 3.8 miles I gave up and just walked the rest of the way to my car.  I wasn’t alone, a friend who had never done 4 miles was with me.  The other three were just ahead of us.

4 mile run SG

So my frustration with my leg continues.

Third – my hip/leg update

Saw my chiropractor Wednesday morning and she did more adjusting to my leg, hip and hamstring area.  I also decided to go to my general practitioner’s office to make sure there wasn’t something we were missing.  This has been going on for almost 2 months and had I realized the twinges I felt back on Thanksgiving were going to lead to this I would have been more proactive (and slowed down a little).  So Wednesday was filled to the brim with appointments, errands and I got a workout in. First was chiro, then I met a friend at a local pool (covered with a bubble during the winter) for an hour of swimming.  I got 1000 yds done and it kicked my butt (in a good way).  Then I headed off to my doctor’s appointment.  I got lucky and got in with the Nurse practitioner who is a running buddy.  So she understands and knows I want to keep moving.  After a long discussion, we both agree that there probably isn’t any hip joint damage (but I did get an x-ray to make sure) and that I probably have some inflammation that is still hanging around.   Well I have severe acid reflux and other digestive problems so taking prescription strength ant-inflammatories won’t work, that will tear me up and I will be miserable.  So I’m on steroids for a week and taking a muscle relaxer  at night (well 1/2 a pill and I’m still hung over in the morning) to see if that helps.  I am also to keep my running slow and easy.  No speed drills or super hard runs (not that I really do that anyway lol).  I’m continuing my stretching and a few strengthening exercises.  If all of this doesn’t work in a couple weeks then I will head to a PT that I know is really good.  Another running friend works there.

Finally – 10k tomorrow for the Winter Runnerland

Yes even with my hip/hamstring being a pain in my butt literally, I am still going to get my 10k in.  I want my metal and I have a total of three of us that are sticking together.  One is having shin issues (on one leg) and needs to take it easy, the other is right at my pace anyway and then there is me.  So we will take it easy and have a good time.  I will be there early to help set up and have everything ready for when the rest of the ladies show up.  MRTT will have a tent, swag tables and a few things for people to buy.  There could be as many as 40 of us out there tomorrow so it will be fun.  🙂  I will post pictures, a little faster this time.  Sorry for being behind.


So there you go, all updated and set for my weekend.  I am planning on riding my bike for a couple hours on Sunday to help a friend get her 22 mile run in.  I can’t stay the whole time but will be there for as long a I can.  Next race is February 2nd  Cupids Run 5k and I’m making a red sparkle skirt to wear.  Should be great.

2 responses to “Whoops, sorry I posted about triathlon training and then disappeared.

  1. You are inspirational Anna!!!! Hoping your pain eases up soon! I look forward to following your tri journey 🙂

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