Hot Chocolate photo overload


Hot Chocolate Expo with MRTT ( I know I didn’t have my suspenders on yet)!!!hot chocolate expo 09B8ABD2-DDBF-435B-A597-F0E34F54A722-1108-00000143E22D4580 83A46189-ED9C-4364-9D38-EA416759B731-1108-00000143DA05CF29

Made it through packet pick up for the 8 I needed to get.

FE8C57D8-7130-4F94-A878-A89B5C098AB0-1108-00000143ED85699EI got them all split up and labeled with everyone’s name so I wouldn’t screw something up.


Tried on my sweatshirt – I love it!!


Race day!!!

398083_10200108310766765_1330637647_n 431193_10200430926526647_1066235030_n 3223E32E-5EE2-4B2F-9677-A46FC293DA58-1108-000001440FDEE890



Got photobombed with bunny ears at the start.  LOL


My two sister’s and two cousin’s ran it too!!  we had fun even though there was tons of people!!!

90308DFF-D9B3-449E-8B5E-93B76612B75E-1108-0000014404DA744C 602897B5-0474-4C12-BB98-E8B528A7AE96-1108-00000144250D9273

Will post race report later but at least got all the pics up.  🙂  Enjoy!!!

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