Sunday 10k

Met up with my MRTT ladies for a run.   A number of them were doing anywhere from 6 to 17 miles yesterday.  I joined in on the last loop around the 10k route.  We headed out as a big group and then self divided into our paces.  Me and my wonderful friend the race walker stayed together.  We enjoyed chatting the entire route and had our other friend who was doing 17 miles at day loop back around to us multiple times.  Overall I felt OK, after my first 10k two weeks ago I got a weird sore spot in the way inner thigh/hip area.  wasn’t sure what that was but didn’t worry about it to much because this was the first time I had ever done this distance and stuff is going to be sore.  So I ran the two 5k’s last weekend and by the time I finished the second one the same area in my thigh was really sore and it was radiating up my thigh into my hip.  I stretched a ton and I rested because I got a stomach virus (we started calling it the sock flu b/c it all started after the MRTT Christmas party and sock swap).  So we headed out and my thigh and hip started being mad from almost the start.  I was on my feet all day on Saturday so I’m sure that didn’t help.  I held out ok until the start of mile 4.  The dip right before mile 4 and 5 most likely are dropped signal due to tunnels.  I actually ran almost to the top of the big hill in mile 4.  4.47 miles non-stop running.  A new PR from that point.  woohoo!!!!  My race walking friend was my superstar b/c she kept me talking and running.  We started back and only paused for a quick stretch just before mile 6.  I had to stretch my hip and leg on a culvert.  So this run almost sucked and great all in one.  I only took one walk break and ran farther non-stop even though body wasn’t cooperating.  I’ve been rolling on my trigger point in my hip and it’s helping all the aches and pains.  I’ve also been stretching my thighs up against a wall (best place to get to the spots).  You know laying on your back with your legs up in the air against a wall – yep that’s what I’m doing.

sunday 10k sunday 10k splits

I was going to go swimming at lunch today, but I’m home with a sick boy.  I will try and fit it in on Thursday or Friday depending on how my work schedule goes.  I will see how my hip is doing and if it’s still bothering me then I may skip my run and ride my bike instead to change up the motions.  Will see how this week goes.  I did wear one of my new running skirts yesterday.  Loved that I was cute in flowers and a purple shirt.  I am also thrilled that I actually fit into a size L skirt.  I haven’t wore that size on the bottoms in a long time.  🙂

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