First 5 mile run!

I headed out at 7:30 am yesterday with a group.  It was cold.  When I left my house is was 32 F, by the time I got to the lake in Peachtree City is was 35 F.

Just a little cold.  I was layered in long sleeves, gloves, head scarf, running tights and long socks.

There was a number of people meeting up yesterday with different goals/plans.  Me and one other lady from MRTT were planning on a 5 mile run.  Others went farther (6.2 miles) and some went 3.5.  We weren’t worried that we couldn’t stay together as a big group, the two of us would just stick together.  We did a straight out and back route, it was the easiest and we could stay as a group as long as possible.  We both felt like we had the right amount of clothes on, though my thighs felt a little frozen.  We chit chat back and forth but we me usually doing most of the talking.  I did tell her I haven’t run a 5k without stopping yet and I did want too.  She informed me that we were not going to stop until 3.1 miles.  I told her she was crazy and I wanted to take a break at 2.5 miles at the turn around.  Well we did it, I was more than ready to take a walk break but we did it!!  So a new PR for me for running 3.14 miles without stopping!!!  We walked for a little bit and then started back at it.  We both figured we better get running again or we would just give up and walk back.  We slowly made our way back to our cars.  The group that ran 6 miles actually caught up with us (not surprised we were taking it slow). Here are our splits.


The one little spike at 33 min was the turn around and then we took a walk break right after we hit 3 miles.  We were pretty consistent.  Got a little slower as we went but speed doesn’t matter, we just wanted to get it done.  So another PR for longest distance of 5 miles.  A funny thing is my friend is not very chatty, that’s my job, she even told me that for her to make it 5 miles I better have lots of stories to tell her.  Well somewhere in the 3 mile mark she got rather talkative.  LOL we laughed and said she had a new PR for talking.


Once we were done, I had to quickly take off to get to my big boys last soccer game and party.  I didn’t finally get home until after 1:30 and I was ready to be home.


I’m only a little sore in my calf muscles.  Everything else feels fine.  I’m proud of how far we were able to go and I didn’t stop for my longest stretch.


I have been a slight slacker in my kettlebell workouts.  I quit doing them when I needed a break back at the end of August.  I really meant to just pick it back up after a couple weeks of down time but then I kept forgetting, or needed to move the workout.  I know from my experience that I have to do my swing workout after I run and not the other way around b/c it negatively affects my run too much. I was super excited before to start these workouts but this time around it’s been like pulling teeth to fit the workout back in.  I had my little guy down for a nap it was quiet around our house so I had no excuse at all to skipping it again.  So I did it.  Got OTM #1 done.  It was hard but not impossible.  I knew I would need to just start over with the workouts but that’s fine.  My back got tired in the last 3 sets or so but nothing hurt and that’s good.  I will take this a little slower than I did the last time and if my back/hips hurt too much then I will back off.  Going to do this once a week for right now and then eventually step it up to twice a week again.



Plan for the week so far: (which you all know is subject to change at any moment)

Sunday: kettlebell workout – DONE!!!

Monday: swim workout with a friend & triathlon meeting

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: run

Thursday: zumba

Friday: off

Saturday: run?  boy has a possible soccer tournament so not sure yet.

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