Halloween Costume Fun Run

Since most of us in MRTT are mom’s with kids that will be trick-or-treating on Halloween night, they organized a fun run the day before.  A group met in the morning at 9:30 and another at 4:30.   Here is all of us and yes it was cold and very windy.  I had on running tights under my skirt and my long sleeve shirt under my orange one.

Ok so here is a close up of me. I know not the best but I never got anyone to take my picture.  Should have gotten my friend who is standing right behind me to do it and I forgot.


So we headed out around 4:45 for  a 3ish mile run.  Started at the pond and headed over toward the lake.  We were well blocked by all the trees until we got right at the lake so the wind wasn’t that big of a deal.  I have no idea how long it took us nor do I know exactly how far we ran, was told by one lady that does run with a gps watch that we were just short of 3 miles.  I do know that the run just felt good.  nice easy pace, good company and chit-chat.  I ran the entire time and maybe only once really thought about stopping.  I think I’ve hit a break through moment that this is finally getting easier.  That to me, felt like an easy 3 mile run.  Whoa, did I just say that????????  Only took me 10 months to get to that point but I will take it.  🙂

So a couple weeks ago the MRTT ladies had a Wiroing party – you ask what that is???  It’s wine and ironing of course.  We were getting together to help each other iron on our MRTT logos.  I had multiple shirts I wanted to put them on so I came prepared.  Here is my complete stash of MRTT logo-ed stuff.   I did the green shirt and visor before the cupcake run.

Here is the rest of the lot.  I can wear a different one each day.  The black one has a reflective logo on it.  That one and the white shirt with the green logo are from a local business called Vinyl Chatter, here is her etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VinylChatter   Both of those shirts are long sleeves.  The rest are short sleeves.


I’m working on our shirts for the 5k this weekend.  I’ve got the design ready to cut out for the fronts.  Need a couple supplies from the grocery store and then I will be on my way to getting them done.  I will post pictures of the process.



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