New collage progress pics and a good 4 mile run on Sunday

Finally got around to updating my collage pictures of my weight loss progress.  I was also finally able to make all the pics the same size.  For some odd reason, Picasso decided that some needed to be smaller even though I was starting out with the same size pics from my phone.  I’m going to probably put my current collages over on my “about me” page to keep them there for reference and update them as I continue to shrink.

Sunday I met up with a group of ladies.  Most of them were running for a total of 4 hours and ~20 miles but they were wonderful to come back and met me and another mom at the bathrooms to pick us up for a 4-5 mile run.  The 20 milers had a plan to keep their pace slow ~12 min/mile which was perfect for us.  We took off around the lake in PTC and headed over to another pond.  I felt pretty good and was enjoying chatting with a newer member of MRTT.  She brought her 3 month old “peanut” (her nickname and no it’s not her real name).  We only “walked” three times and I am pretty much not counting them as walk breaks.  We had to go over/around a large dead tree that fell on the path twice (out and back) – if I had tried to run and jump over it, we all know how that would have ended up – me face planting the path, I am not graceful at all.   The other one was when we took a quick water break at the water fountain at Huddlestone Pond.  I refilled my handheld bottle and then we started back off again.  We maintained just at or below a 13 min/mile and did the entire 4 mile route in 52 minutes.  It’s pretty much my best run to date in being the most consistent and not needing to walk.  I am jumping for joy that I’ve got some progress.  The rest of the ladies split off before getting close to the cars (if they got back to the cars, they might quit and go home) and the two of us headed back to the car.    She was using a neat app that kept signal the entire route (not perfect but pretty close).  I’m going to try it out tomorrow.  Going to see if it will work better for me.  I can’t seem to get a good enough gps signal on my iphone to be able to log my entire run.


So the plan for this week:

Tuesday I am meeting the ladies from MRTT for a Halloween Eve Costume Run – I will probably do a 5k.  Going to put me together a Halloween running skirt with these fabrics.  Not exactly sure what I will come up with but it will be fun no matter what.

Yes I will post pictures 🙂

Then on Thursday, I finally am able to get back to my favorite Zumba class.  I have seriously missed going.  Finally on Sunday I will be running the  Positive Prevention 5k, Asheville, NC –   with my two sister’s and two cousin’s.  I need to get the t-shirt design from my middle sister so I can make them and get them washed for Sunday.  It’s going to be fun and exciting.  I’m working on my packing list (I will spare you all and not post a picture of it this time).  It’s hard trying to decide what I should wear (other than the team t-shirt).  I just checked the weather and as of right now it will be a low of 39 F but it will be sunny.  Not terrible but a little colder than I would like.  So I think I’m going to just pack for a variety of conditions and then I will be prepared.  Going to make sure than my running tights, long sleeve tech shirt and gloves are in my suitcase.

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