Sorry, sick kids, sick me and a so so run

I did make it out Sunday morning with a friend.  She was still sore from running a 15k the day before and was pushing her boys in the jogging stroller.  So we went out pretty easy.  First half was fine.  Took a short walk break at 1/2 way and then started back.  Had to stop/slow down a couple times for her to tend to her boys but I wasn’t complaining, I was feeling off.  2/3 of the way back to our cars and I needed a break.  So overall we did 3.6 miles in under 45 min at an average 13 min/mile pace.  Completely average and ok, not great just alright.  I hate that.  I had a great run on Wednesday and now this one was just ok.  I would love some consistency but I’ve heard from all of my running friends – you have good runs and you will have bad runs. I will just keep moving.


My big boy got a stomach virus and was sick Friday and through the weekend.  My little man spiked a fever Sunday night and we were wondering if he was getting an ear infection or sinus infection.  I think we actually got him to turn around without a trip to the doctor but we will see.  We did tons of cleaning around the house to try and banish the germs.  Well they found me.  I’ve got wicked stomach cramps and I’m stuck at home.  Hoping it gets better soon.  I have plans.  I’ve cancelled my run for this evening but I’m still planning on a 4.5 mile run on Saturday morning with a nice group of ladies.

2 responses to “Sorry, sick kids, sick me and a so so run

  1. Good to read this today, after two awesome runs, have had two so so runs, one’s where I just keep telling myself something is better than nothing! Keep moving. Hope you feel better soon, build back slow, after being sick.

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