Signing up for a couple 5ks

I posted back a couple weeks about my frustration with the lack of the soccer schedule.  That finally came out and I think it knocked most of the 5ks I was thinking about doing, off my schedule.  I may still be able to do the Rootin Tootin Round up on October 27th depending on when the GT football game is.   So a friend posted about a virtual 5k involving cupcakes YUM! and I finally decided that I’m in.

Going to try and run it with a group from MRTT so that it will be more like a race instead of me just trying to fit it in during the week.  Have to work on the logistics (since I work full time) but I’m going to try.


Another one is the Jingle Bell Trail 5k & 1 mile fun run.  A group from MRTT is dressing up like a string of lights (that includes tutu’s which is awesome) and I’m pretty sure I’m doing this one.  I’m thinking my big boy would love to do the 1 mile fun run but I need to work out if my husband will be there to stay with him.  If he can’t then I am checking to see if they will have people to watch the kids while their parents run the 5k.  He would get his own race shirt and everything.  I really think he will be super excited about this.

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