Why “most” woman shouldn’t run – really you had to go there!!!

I follow a number of companies, groups and other fitness related things that I love on facebook.  One of those is Bia Sports – fitness gear tailored to woman.  http://www.bia-sport.com/

So last week or so, they linked to a story written by a guy named Micheal Boyle and he went through all the reasons why most woman shouldn’t run.  My gut reaction was that I was furious because no one is going to tell me what I can and can not do.   Then, I’m actually proud that I am doing exactly what he said I couldn’t.  So there you go Mr. Boyle!!

So today I was reading my news feed and again through Bia Sports, they posted a blog post from another fellow female runner in response to Mr. Boyle that I thought was truly amazing.   From Bia: “Women ARE running. In BIG numbers. Something tells us that the 7.6 million women running road races would appreciate your many delightfully spirited responses to last week’s post re: the resurfaced “Why (most) Women Shouldn’t Run.” And, if you haven’t read it yet, Katie Key of KatieRunsThis treated us to her detailed reaction with “Wait…(Most) Women Shouldn’t Run? Ugh.” Enjoy.”

It’s so good that here you go – here is the link!!  Enjoy it as much as I did!!!



ETA: sorry I just realized the link to the blog didn’t work.  Fixed it in the next post 🙂

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