Much better 4 mile run this week!

Last week I went on my 2nd 4 mile run and it was hard, I walked more than I wanted too and felt a little down about it.  Not horribly because I was proud of myself for getting it done, just that I know I can run more than I did.  The family goes to Georgia Tech football games (we have season tickets) and ESPN decided to be a pain and change the game time from 7 pm to 12 noon.  Well that really screwed up my Saturday.  I was planning on my normal group run in the morning, we could do stuff around the house before (including getting the little boy down for a nap) and then head up in the afternoon.  Instead we left the house around 8:30 am and didn’t get home until after 4 pm.  The game was terrible, that’s all I’m saying.  So obviously I didn’t get my normal 7:30 am run in before we left for the game.


I posted in my MRTT group about my run on Sunday and if anyone wanted to come.  Well I got two wonderful ladies to tag along.  They were great.  One brought up that she didn’t want to run around the lake because of the dead fish and the smell.  The other hadn’t heard about the dead fish so we told her and it’s pretty bad.  Here is a small story on what is going on.

We picked a new starting point on the other side of the lake and were discussing what we could do.  Worst case – we do an out and back – run 2 miles out and then retrace our selves back to our cars.  One of the ladies found a great loop that was exactly 4 miles and it would be something different.  So that’s where we went.  I loved the route we took.  I’m going to have to do again and bring a map so I can remember where to turn.  It wasn’t to hilly, pretty flat and through the woods.  I knew vaguely where we were in relation to big landmarks but wasn’t’ exactly sure where we were all the time.   I needed two walk breaks (not bad at all), the first was after 1.5 miles and the second was 1 mile later.  It was just enough of a break to keep me going.  Our pace stayed in the 12-13 min/mile and we finished in 53 minutes (and change).  I really think before long I will be running 4 miles without stopping.  The ladies were great and really helped me.  When I don’t think about it I can do so much more.  I had music in one ear and we chatted the entire time we were running.  One was wearing a garmin, the other used Nike+, and I tried runkeeper.  Mine didn’t record the route, Nike+ seemed to do ok  and of course the garmin did great.  I have the route, pace and such from my friends garmin.  I love stuff like this especially since it motivates me because I can see myself improving.


So here is something so true and super funny!!!  Several of my running friends or people i follow on facebook posted this.

Ok and here is my plan for the week which you all know it’s subject to change at any moment 🙂

Monday: off

Tuesday: I am working from home tomorrow instead of Thursday because of a meeting so I will be going on a group run for 3 miles during my lunch.  So far there is 3 of us but there may be a couple more.

Wednesday: I will/must get my kettlebell workout in – going to start over at the first workout with my 20 lb bell.  if it’s too easy I will skip to the next one next week.

Thursday: may walk during big boys soccer practice

Friday: off

Saturday: 4 mile run (may try and do 4.5  but it will depend on how I feel that day)

Sunday: 23 mile bike ride (I’m super excited to get to go again!!!!!)

2 responses to “Much better 4 mile run this week!

  1. Congrats on the run! Two short stops is great! I do that too, usually at a water fountain on the trail; quick drink, couple deep breaths, shake out the legs… and get moving again. You’ll be pounding out the miles in no time!

    :: Larissa from

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