Remember Supergirl?

I remember watching the movie as a kid.  She was a little cheesy compared to Superman but cool no matter what.  So the Action Dash is coming up and I got asked by one of my fellow runners if I was dressing up.  Well I hadn’t thought about it.  She told me what the others on our team were doing (Wonder Woman and the Incredibles) and that got me thinking.

So I’m going to make a cute version of this that I can run in.   Short sleeve shirt (with the logo on it) in blue, yellow belt,  a red tutu, red socks and if red fabric is really cheap I will make a cape but no guarantee’s.  Another woman is also running this and I asked her if she wanted me to make her one too and she said YES!!!  She thinks it’s a great idea.  It will be a blast.  Of course I will post pictures before, during and after all the festivities.  🙂

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