Obviously my plans are meant to be changed :)

I had planned to run on my neighbors treadmill last night since I had already postponed it from the night before.  Around 3 pm I noticed on facebook that my favorite zumba instructor (who I was missing since I couldn’t get to her class this week) was subbing for my coworker’s favorite instructor.  It’s really close to the house but I usually can’t get there because of picking up my boys from school.  I went down to talk to my coworker since I knew she would want to know what to expect in her class.  Of course she asked me if I could come.  I told her I would “try” since I was picking up my big boy from zoo camp.  It would be close but I might be able to get there.
Well I was actually able to do it.  It was great to get my booty shakin in for the week.  I really enjoy it and I feel worn out after the hour.  So no I didn’t run this week but I moved my body, got my heart rate up and had fun.  That’s all that matters.  I am going to swing my kettlebell tonight and I am going on the bike ride on Sunday.

Here is something I am trying to do each day or so to keep me going –

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