My plan for this week.

Tonight: kettlebell workout OTM #3 – this is my 3rd repeat of this workout and I’m curious to see how I feel

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Run on the treadmill

Thursday: kettlebell workout – don’t know which one I am doing until after tonight.

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride with group.

Don’t think I am going to be able to get to a zumba class because of my schedule this week.  My big boy is at a different camp – The Atlanta Zoo so my normal schedule is out the window.  But he is having a blast, so I can deal with it.

My big boy is going up to my parents for the week so I’m going to take advantage and go on a ride.  I may be ambitious and ride with them 2 weeks in a row when I go pick up my boys.  We will see how next week feels.


Here is a dose of some new inspirational pics I have recently found.  Yes I admit it, I am a inspirational picture/quote junkie but who cares.  🙂

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