Got a short run in this morning.

I escaped out of my house before my boys got up.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time since we wanted to go out to breakfast with our neighbor.  So I headed out for a shorter 2 mile route that I would be able to get done in about 30 ish minutes.  I knew there was a section of the golf cart paths that had one mile marked off.  I was curious to see how fast I could run 1 mile since I was able to do it in 10:30 at my last 5k.  So I took off at a little faster pace than I usually do with the purpose of pushing myself.  I took one short walk break in the middle and even ran over this stupid hill that I hate.  It’s a silly hill b/c unlike normal hills that slowly increase up, this one shoots up and over, like they had to leave the hill there.  I would not be surprised if there was massive rocks, pipelines, or something similar that they couldn’t take out or move so you have to go over it.


I crossed the line spray painted on the path and was pleased, I ran the one mile section in 11 minutes.  Made me very happy that the 10:30 at my last 5k wasn’t a total fluke.  I finished the 2 mile route in 24 minutes.  I was out for a total of 35 minutes including my warm up and cool down.


I then had a wonderfully tasty breakfast at the Flying Biscuit.  😀

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