New fitness journals.

I officially filled my first one to the brim and then some.  I’ve added a number of pages and I’m afraid if I add anymore then it will fall apart.  I found two new ones when I was shopping at Target a few months back.  The engineer in me was a little giddy that I found two that have multiple sections and are cute.  So the flowered Mead notebook has two main sections.  I am using that one for writing out my workouts and food.  It’s got lots of great pockets for things I need to keep in that one.  I also got fun tabs and colored mini sharpie markers to use with my journals.   My Marilyn notebook is where I’m going to put workout ideas, inspirational, measurements, progress pictures and anything else I want too.

I’ve almost filled my 2nd measurement chart in my first journal.  So I made a new one that will go until the beginning of next year and include my 1 yr of running anniversary.  I added a column to be able to jot down what races I could do that week since I was scribbling that out to the side anyway.

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