Fantastic run today

I knew that I was going to have a busy day, so I escaped out of my house early (8 am) for a run around the lake in Peachtree City.  I headed out with no expectations and just wanted to get my run in.  The route I was taking today is 3.6 miles total and I end up running right at 3.1 of it.  So it’s a really good gauge for how my 5k time is.  The temperature was good (70 degrees F) but it was really humid.  I headed out and just wanted to run however much I could and then walk when I needed too.  I made it farther than I have lately without stopping and felt good.  My back started aching a little so I decided to take a walk break even though I could have run a little longer.  I made it about 2/3 of the first half (before I turn around) before I started walking.  When I made it to the half way point (where I turn around and go back), I had finished that section in just over 20 min.  I made it back over to my car and was pleased with my running.  I did my running portion in just over 40 min which is about 1 min slower than my fastest 5k time.  I have been struggling with fatigue and haven’t felt good about and during my running since about the beginning of March.  This run felt much better and a whole lot closer to how I was feeling in February.  So today is a good day and I’m pleased with my run and how I felt while doing it.  Plan is to do my kettlebell workout tomorrow whenever I fit it in.


Also I have now filled up my first journal to capacity (and then some).  It’s really cool that it has become such an anchor for me in my journey.  I will probably carry it around no matter what since it has such great things in it.  But I do have two more to use for writing about my workouts and food and a second one for inspirational, workouts and anything else I want to put in there.   When I get a chance I will post pictures of the new ones and my full journal.  I’ve also updated my song playlist and need to get it typed up.  So hopefully I can get that done and posted soon (since I already blogged about it).

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