Fabulous report from the doctor!!!!

One of my reasons for getting into shape was that I had high cholesterol – yes I said HAD!!!

I had my retest on Wednesday of this week.  I got my numbers and they are awesome.

So in July 2011 here were my numbers:

HDL: 52

LDL: 134

Triglycerides: 112

Overall: 208

Ideally my LDL needs to be below 130 and my overall below 200.  The rest were in normal ranges.

So as of June 2012 here are my numbers:
HDL: 46

LDL: 108

Triglycerides: 104

Overall: 175

So I lowered my LDL by 30 and my overall by 32.  So as of today I no longer have high cholesterol.  That’s what 6 hard months of exercise and eating healthy did for me.

So as my sister would say – “5 second dance party” for my great fitness and health win.

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